your peace and cosy home stay


We set up Starz Hotel in 2013 and strive to provide 3 star facilities with a warm and pleasant atmosphere to our business travelers. We later found and created One One Residence in 2015 in order to provide our value-conscious customers an alternative living experience in Kluang.

One One Residence is less than 5 minutes distance to Starz Hotel and town centre. A 30 to 40 year old well maintained single-storey semi-detached house located in a quiet and comfort housing area allows you to enjoy the rich diversity of local life.

Spacious, simple and easy, cleanliness, bright sunshine, personalized living space with privacy, and well equipped facilities are the core features when we conceptualized this home stay. Every detail has been passionately chosen for you to meet our slogan ‘Twice the Comfort, Twice the Starz’.

One One Residence is suitable for family, short or long term living and those who are looking for peace and cosy personalized living space.


Facilities and Services:

•Master Room (2 pax, King Size), Front Room ( 2 pax, Queen Size), Middle Room (2 pax, two single beds), Living Room and Dining Room (6 pax), 2 Bathroom/Washroom, Spacious Garden (able to park up to 3 vehicles)

•Air-con, Ceiling Fan, Wardrobe, Shower Heater, Work Desk, Washing Machine and Towel

•46’ TV with Stereo Surround System and DVD player, Streamyx Wifi

•Dry Kitchen: Diamond Water Filter, Microware, Kettle, Kitchen Ventilator, Gas Stove

•Complimentary coffee and tea, can drinks, cup noodles are provided


For any enquiry or room booking, please contact us at:

Contact No: 607-777 9777 / 6010-777 1555

Fax No: 607 777 9666




寧靜舒適. 體驗不一樣的居鑾生活

2013年,Starz Hotel的主人在柔佛居鑾創立了強調價值感受的商務旅店。2015年,他開始物色居鑾的老房子,希望能夠為不同的住客群創造不一樣的住宿感受。

同年4月,在距離Starz Hotel和市中心不遠處的寧靜住宅區,發現了One One Residence,一棟保養得很好、三、四十年房齡的單層半獨立平房。寬敞、簡潔、明亮、舒適、寧靜,以及提供完整家具的居家環境和空間設計,是這次企劃所強調的主題。

‘Twice the Comfort, Twice the Starz’,是我們服務顧客的初衷。我們希望喜歡Starz Hotel服務的顧客,可以住進在地社區,感受當地的生活,一起守護居鑾的安適。




• 三房二廳:主臥房(2人, King Size床)、前房(2人, Queen Size 床)與中房(2人, 2單人床)、6人飯廳及客廳。另外,設有兩間浴室和寬敞院子(可停放三部車子)

• 空調、風扇、衣櫃、熱水器、浴巾、工作檯、洗衣機

• 46吋電視附加立體環繞聲音響系統、DVD播放器、Streamyx無綫網絡

• 干廚房:鑽石能量水濾水器、微波爐、熱水壺、煤氣爐、抽煙機

• 提供咖啡包、茶袋、罐裝飲料與杯麵



電話: 607-777 9777 / 6010-777 1555

傳真: 607 777 9666



For any enquiry or room booking, please contact us at 

Contact No: 607-777 9777 / 6010-777 1555
Fax No: 607 777 9666